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Successfully funded on May 7, 2018
  • Commit NOK 30,000 or more

    Limited to 100 people

    Are you a Norwegian citizen? And didn't invest in Pawa before 2018? Then you can get the government to pay for 23% of your shares (on tax return). And even up to half your investment should Pawa fail. Valid up to kr 500,000

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  • Commit NOK 100,000 or more

    Limited to 65 people

    Same as above plus up your investment to NOK 100,000 and get your very own Pawa Starter Pack from the fall 2018 production line (not available for sale in Europe).

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  • Moonwalk May 25, 2018

    Thank you all for making Pawa growth plan possible. We are now comparing bank statements with shareholder commitments. Once done, we will notify you of your shareholder status and provide the Cap Table (akjeeierbok) to you as your confirmation. Don't hold you breath as this is tedious work and will take a few days. Until then...
    Pawa Salut!

  • Moonwalk May 9, 2018

    Dear Pawa shareholder,

    Please fill in the Term Sheet (tegningsblankett) so we can issue your shares. Click here

    Then make payment as follows:
    Payment due: On or before Friday 11 May 2018.
    Account#: 1503.74.08082 (use this if payment within Norway)
    IBAN: NO26 1503 7408 082 (only for int'l payments)
    SWIFT: DNBNOKKXXX (only for int'l payments)
    Mark Payment with: 'Payment for shares' and the Shareholder name

  • Moonwalk May 2, 2018

    Congratulation. You are approved as a Pawa shareholder!

    Please fill in the Term Sheet (tegningsblankett) so we can issue your shares. Click here

  • Moonwalk May 2, 2018

    Make government pay for your Pawa investment

    Are you a Norwegian taxpayer?
    Do you have money to invest?

    Now your government will pay up to 23% of your shares if you invest in Pawa*

    Invest personally or through your company.
    Invest from 30,000 up to 500,000 in 2018.
    Get 23% cash-back on your 2018 tax return.
    2018 needs to be the first year you invest in Pawa.
    Limited to kr 1,5 million from new 2018 investors.

    Click Join now button now to invest with us.

  • Moonwalk April 30, 2018

    Yes! Get your very own Pawa Starter Pack

    More than 500,000 have now seen our Pawa Facebook videos. 185 have downloaded our Pawa Investor Presentation. For each new customer delivery in Kenya, we now get 62 new customers. This is humbling.

    Many have asked us how they can get their own Pawa. So we decided to up the game: To get your very on Pawa Starter Pack – just up your investment to kr 100,000 before funding round is over. We have no plans for additional funding from Norway. This is it.

    Up your commitment today or no later than 05 May 2018 at 6pm.

  • Moonwalk April 19, 2018

    To our most asked question: Yes, you can add new commitments on top of your previous!
    When round closes, we will summarize your commitments and send it as one request for payment. You can then decide to split the payment on several owners (eg. you and a family member or a company). Payments will be due after 05 May 2018. Contact us if you want any help.

  • Moonwalk April 18, 2018

    Thank you for your commitments to Africa's mobile, personal, free solar energy system.
    Pawa makes grand strides forward. Two new Board Directors. One new updated Series A Investor Plan for your download here.