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People are stuck in poverty as they daily spend a total of 200 million hours collecting water. Six hours every day locks women and children to securing their family’s daily ration of water, time they should devote to schooling or earning a living. Dirty 20 liter containers spread water born illnesses, and people are in desperate need of work and income.

Majiko turns local unemployed into one-man-show water delivery heroes, operators of the delivery
process from water source to the households that pay a monthly subscription fee (water itself is free). Heroes transport water in 1 liter containers by bike with a custom-made trailer. The trailer has a cleaning, filtering and tapping system ensuring delivery of 100% clean drinking water every day.

Majiko Service Journey Map

1.2bn people lack access to clean drinking water. Several hundred million live in Sub-Saharan Africa, where water today is the biggest business with an estimated value of kr 161 billion. Majiko targets off-grid households, with entry in rural Kenya where Village Chiefs recruit heroes and facilitate community sales. Majiko has access to Government water sources for free (everyone else need to pay) and store water for draught periods.

The main competitor is the traditional women and children burden of providing household water. The only organized deliveries of water in off-grid communities are unreliable small quantity single entity operations using bikes or donkeys where delivery is unreliable, water quality is poor and diseases are spread easily from the 20 liter reused containers.

Majiko customers attest to the superior taste and quality and convenience of the Majiko filtered water in cleaned return 1 liter bottles. 95% of households sign up to the service in community sales activities. Heroes are able to run a one-man-show taking care of every step of the delivery and maintenance of bikes.
Majiko has a rapid expansion plan with a proven operational model and regional government support: a first mover advantage. Majiko has the perfect mix of local commitment and HQ technological advantage in a unit of one logistics system with an ‘Uber’-like app for handling all aspects of sales, delivery and support.