Majiko: Work people out of poverty

A moonwalk program by Moonwalk Tomorrow

Time is a thief stealing prosperity from millions. Majiko serves 1.2 billion people clean daily water so they can work themselves out of poverty. Now you can help.


Yesterday, Benedict was unemployed.

Today, he saves 24 families 48,000 hours a year. Bringing them clean daily household water.*

Tomorrow, thousands of women can grow crops. Take a job. And send children to school. Thanks to Benedict.

Now you can help.

Buy one bottle
Pledge NOK 75 so one more child can get its daily ration of water.

Buy a bottle set
Pledge NOK 300 so Benedict can deliver to one more family.

Buy one bike
Pledge NOK 2,500 so Benedict can start training new heroes (riders). We will send a digital photo of your bike and hero.

Buy a bike and trailer
Pledge NOK 4,500 so Benedict can get one more hero (rider) started. We will send a digital photo of your bike, trailer and hero.

Become a Majiko Team sponsor
Pledge NOK 10,000 to equip a team of 6 Majiko Heroes with the official uniforms, bottle caps, bikes, and trailers.

Majiko Team in Kabati, Kenya


Majiko started in Kabati Village in Kitui County outside Nairobi, Kenya. Majiko was made by Kenyans, innovated by Norwegians, and delivered by locals. It is a business - not aid.

230 angel investors put up the money to create jobs; provide life-supporting water; empower women and children; and work people out of poverty. With your help, we can get more heroes riders delivering water to more households.

Majiko is a Moonwalk Tomorrow Company started by Moonwalk and Norwegian University of Science & Technology.

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Synne Støhlmacher, Managing Director |

Synne Støhlmacher, Managing Director |

Tomorrow's prosperity rests on the shoulders of today's heroes. Thanks for making this possible.