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Mocean One

Oceans offer a $24 trillion opportunity of resources beyond oil and gas (source: WWF). These resources need to be sustainably exploited. Vast volumes of collected data are widely distributed. Without a comprehensive picture, the ‘oceans of business’ cannot be accessed.

Mocean One provides instant subscription based access to insights from below the seabed to the stars packaged in a suite of applications to make business from the oceans.

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The traditional ocean industry sectors are Oil & Gas, Fishing and Shipping. Now, all eyes are on the oceans and their resources. Thousands of companies are targeting the ocean for their next business ventures.
Our value proposition packaged in various usability centered applications, satisfy the core need of decision support across these verticals.
Mocean One’s initial customer segment is the the growing renewable offshore energy industry. Applications are developed in consortiums with customers from the top 100 wave and tidal energy companies in Europe.

A Number of local data collectors provide information from their local offshore area. They are unable to give a comprehensive picture. Users need to request, collect, quality check and mine the information for each project, again and again.
Public and governmental databases are non- comprehensive and often outdated. Planet OS and Open Ocean are identified competitors, but lack the seabed data.
No competitor provides the complete solution that the users need for their decision-making. Mocean One will be the only company who is able to cover all four information layers.

Mocean One is the first mover with solutions developed alongside customers: A decision support solution for instant actionable insights at 1/20 of today’s cost and the only player with a credible monetizing offering to the data owners.