Moonwalk Learning: 100 Days Startup Pilots

A moonwalk program by Moonwalk

Reinvent education. Become a part owner in Moonwalk startups for as little as kr 5,000

Moonwalk Learning reinvents education and empowers lifetime learners. Invest in up to 6 startups in 100 days pilots to prove concepts with a minimum viable product in a minimum viable market. Kr 500,000 is the minimum viable investment to fund a minimum viable team for 100 days.

Moonwalk Learning Startup Portfolio


Yesterday, education produced diligent employees to fill pre-defined positions.
Today, people study for jobs that don’t exist when they graduate.
Tomorrow, we reinvent learning fit for modern times. To upgrade education to life-long-learning developing the full potential of humans.

Moonwalk Learning was founded by Moonwalk. It now owns 6 startups and is crowdowned by 35+ sweat equity Moonwalk Astronauts & Innovators (program participants).


Moonwalk Learning Program Stages

We finished Stage 2. Now we are up for Stage 3. Next up will be stage 4.


The 6 Moonwalk Learning startups proved their markets, products and revenue models. In part-time and shared cost work. A panel and an invited audience confirmed their progress and proof in open Demo Days.

Each startup now makes the leap to a full-time project. With full-time roles. To pilot run a proven concept in-market with a minimum viable team and with minimal viable investments.Supported by the full network, tools and process of the award-winning Moonwalk Innovation System.

We start our 100 days startup pilots in September 2017 and round our pilots off by mid December.

Rank #1


Problem: Screens hijack the lives of 1 billion children and change their brains. Steve Jobs limited his kids’ screen time to two hours a day. Children need physical world learning. But most parents have already lost that fight.
Mission: To inspire and develop children with home delivered subscriptions of self-directed Montessori physical learning tools that maximize child development and relieves parent guilt.
Cubiq: Playful physical learning kits on subscription
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Rank #2

Instant Startup

Problem: Entrepreneurship has an appaling failure rate. Out of millions of new startups each year, only 1 in 100 will get funded. Only 1 in 10 of those funded will be a hit. Most entrepreneurs will fail. And be worse off than when they started.
Mission: To help entrepreneurs survive the startup jungle with a machine learning optimized step-by-step digital guide and tools. To save them pain, time, and money and to dodge startup killers.
Instant Startup: Startup survival tools for entrepreneurs
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Rank #3

Professor Watson

Problem: Knowledge workers spend 2.5 hours a day just searching for information. That’s 30% of each day at work. And still they feel left behind.
Mission: To turn knowledge workers into instant field experts with a behind the scenes AI assistant searching the web while they are busy working.
Professor Watson: Your AI assistant
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Rank #4


Problem: History is hidden in plain sight. Everywhere you go, there is a hidden story about people and events. But we cannot access these stories. And this is why we feel disconnected from our city and our heritage.
Mission: To breathe life into places through user generated stories of their historic people and events. So people can enrich their lives and know their place in history.
Stories: History is everywhere
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Rank #5


Problem: Foreign language learning is daunting, lonely and boring. Less than 1% of the 120 million users of the most popular language learning app complete a full language course. And those that do complete it don’t get proficient enough to use it.
Mission: To make language learning real-life and social. The way you learnt your native language. With augmented reality multi-player mobile games.
Amigos: Social language learning games
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Rank #6


Problem: Online learning has a 85% failure rate. Others are trying to improve on online courses. No-one is targeting the real problem: Motivation, inspiration and deep learning.
Mission: To provide the standard of self-directed online study groups based on the proven Harkness table system to inspire participation and deepen learning.
Infinity: The standard in online learning study groups
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You worked hard for your money. Now let your money work for you. Change tomorrow's education in the process. Invest in up to 6 startups that have proof of market, product and revenue model.

Moonwalk Learning Portfolio Equity Plan

Invest in this round.


Investments are used for: Startup in-market pilots with minimal viable startup team
Number of Angels: Limited to 149 Angels
Investment per startup: Limited to kr 500,000 ($59,000) per startup
Number of startups: Limited to 6 startups


For the first kr 500,000, we have one startup secured for fall 2017 pilot.
For the second kr 500,000 (total of kr 1,000,000), we have the next startup secured, and so on, until...
When kr 3,000,000 is reached, no new owners are accepted (they will be transferred to a wait list in case any Angel doesn't fulfill its obligation.


We reach kr 2,750,000 in Angel commitments.
Then 5 startup pilots are started (5 x kr 500,000 = kr 2,500,000).
The last commitments of kr 250,000 (kr 2,750,000 less kr 2,500,000) will not be turned into shares. The people who made these last commitments will not become Angels (owners), but signed to a wait list for later commitment rounds/investment opportunities.


All startups are associated with risk. But we work smarter than most. We develop a portfolio of startups backed by many people and crowdowned by them all. Then we test these startups gradually. Because we don't want to waste time, resources or good people. This way, we are always a crowd that drives these startups forward. And we vest more and more interest in these startups as they move forward. And we leave those startups that don't deserve our resources behind.

You invest in a portfolio. Your investment is spent across startups. Any failed startups will close down and your investment reallocated to those that deliver. So far, we have a two year 80% survival rate of our Angel backed startups.

And we have done it before. In the world's first crown innovation program, Moonwalk Tomorrow: 45 people joined to make new industries for a Norwegian post-oil economy. Two years in, we have new 23 jobs in 4 new companies growing on 3 continents backed by kr 8.8 million ($1 million) from 200+ Angels. These companies are now ready for growth funding and an exit from the portfolio.

The general rule is: Don't invest money you cannot afford to lose.

It is time...
Our education system is failing students and jeopardizing the future prosperity of our society with its training for 20th century industrial jobs. The revolutions starts with us. Put your hard earned money to work. So we can embark on these missions.