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A moonwalk program by Moonwalk & NTNU

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Successfully funded on December 25, 2015
  • Commit NOK 100 or more

    Limited to 50 people

    The 50 first Moonwalk Angel investors will be invited for an exclusive networking party in 2016. Meet Moonwalk Astronauts, Entrepreneurs and other Angel investors.

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  • Commit NOK 1,000 or more

    Limited to 10 people

    Participate in a Moonwalk Innovation System workshop. Learn the art of Moonwalking from the experts, and see how you can use best practice innovation on your company or yourself.

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  • Commit NOK 5,000 or more

    Limited to 5 people

    A team of Moonwalk Innovation System practitioners will come to your company or organization and host a 3-hour workshop tailored for a challenge of your choice.

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  • Moonwalk Entrepreneur Candidate

    Limited to 30 people
    State your interest to work full-time as part of the management team in one of the startups (with founder's salary). Startups due to launch early 2016. You will be contacted for an interview.
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Moonwalk Tomorrow is the world’s first crowdfunded, crowdsourced and shared ownership innovation program. Founded by Moonwalk & NTNU. Owned by its participants.

We are looking for portfolio funding of USD 75,000 per StartUp (total of 7). With more funds, we can deploy more StartUps, move faster and create more wealth.

What Moonwalk Angels are saying

«The greatest strength we have is the Moonwalk Innovation System and the backing we have from NTNU. Most startups are fumbling along in the dark, but we have a clear goal and know the path that will take us there. We have specific go/no-go criteria and gates which allow us to reallocate resources to where they provide the greatest value. We have a portfolio of projects allowing us not to fall to much in love with one individual project. Again allowing us to reallocate resources if advantageous. We also have very large synergies between projects in form of administration, finances, knowledge sharing and potential joint go to market efforts. I believe that these aspects are even more significant than the ideas in themselves. When Norway's most intelligent organization supports and invests in us, there's no reason to be skeptical.»

Sven Richard Tønnessen, Moonwalk Innovator & Angel

«There lies great freedom in working on solving big challenges to find solutions that humankind needs! And at the same time creating work for those people making and using the solutions. This makes it a system way of thinking, covering needs, benefits, and sustainability, at the same time.

There are many ways of approaching challenges, but this is the first time in 30 years that I’ve experienced this way of bringing people together from many different places, to solve first why, then what and finally how.  That stimulates spontaneous creativity, and shared ownership. And a hope for a new way of creating and working together for the future.

Being part of this wonderful team in Moonwalk Tomorrow, having created this very concrete innovation platform, with 7 start-ups, now is the time to prove that others see the same as us, and wants to join on us this exciting trip forward to the realization of these! We believe in the crowd to bring us through the next step in 2016. Everyone can invest. We need you!»

Karen-Elisabeth Sødahl, Moonwalk Astronaut & Angel

Two ways to join us

Join us as a Moonwalk Angel, apply for a job in one of the startups, or both!

Facts & numbers

Start-up portfolio (in prioritized order)

These are our spring 2016 StartUps in prioritized deployment order (pending funding):

    Simplifying sustainable non-waste deep ocean farming by going subsea, cultivating local habitat species and reducing capex requirements.
    Build and operate an off-the-grid power currency ecosystem in out-of-poverty and instability markets.
    Turn redundant and idle data into actionable analytics for the improvement of underwater operations.
    Develop and operate a business ecosystem of local entrepreneurs delivering clean water to households in survival and out-of-poverty markets.
    Develop a closed-loop sustainable value-chain where local entrepreneurs turn human waste into fertilizer and energy in city slums.
    Develop sustainable solutions to secure water access and management in a co-funding, co-development and co-ownership partnership between south villages and north engineers.
    Help consumers make wiser footprint decisions by showcasing personal benefit and planet impact.

1) Oceans' Finest

Simplifying sustainable non-waste deep ocean farming by going subsea, cultivating local habitat species and reducing capital extensive requirements.

What problem are we solving?

It is estimated that the world’s population will reach 9 billion by 2050. The demand for food is predicted to grow substantially. The projections show that feeding a population of this magnitude will require increasing food production by 70%.

Fish farming and aquaculture has potential to meet some of the demand, but struggle with escaping fish, salmon lice, algal blooms and diseases. These problems are fought with different means, but the problems persist.

Our breakthrough

  • Sustainable fish farming trough local species in their natural habitat
  • Going subsea to not be affected by surface activities
  • Modular system reducing capital extensive requirements drastically

Business and growth model

We offer a franchise system with an affordable entry point for ocean farmers, and easily operated systems. Quality and brand with certificate of origin ensure the business.

2) Triple Power

Build and operate an off-the-grid power currency ecosystem in out-of-poverty and instability markets.

What problem are we solving?

Modern energy applications are essential to human well-being and to a country’s economic development, but still 1.3 billion people globally are without access to electricity. People living off the grid use indoor fireplaces for cooking and kerosene lamps for light. The smoke causes lung disease and kills millions of people every year.

Today these needs are solved by buying hundreds of low-quality dry cell batteries to power radios, mobile phones and flashlights. This amounts to huge costs every year, and the used batteries are harmful to the environment.

Our breakthrough

  • Power turned into a currency trough a strategic platform and batteries with power indicators
  • Enable local entrepreneurs to charge and sell batteries
  • Providing energy at a lower cost than todays solutions

Business and growth model

By selling the batteries in packs of three we immediately create business for the buyer, who have two extra batteries she can sell. We provide and sell add-ons to the platform, and lock customers into our solution.

3) Atlantis

Atlantis empowers data-driven decision makers in offshore industries by providing on-demand access to our powerful reporting and analytics platform resulting in actionable intelligence for their underwater operations.

What problem are we solving?

The oceans cover more than 70 per cent of the worlds surface, yet it remains largely unmapped. We know more about the surface of Mars than we do about the seabed and the values hidden in the deep. Aside from oil and gas the seabed is an untapped resource, and recent research indicates that marine minerals alone can generate nearly $1 trillion every year.

There are many sources to information about the seabed, both commercial and publicly available. But without proper cleaning and standardizing the data is hard to act upon. Only when the data is combined and turned into actionable analytics can it be useful.

Our breakthrough

  • Share and combine data to paint one comprehensive picture
  • Increase value by giving insights in exchange for unused data
  • Help governments, investors and corporations find new business opportunities

Business and growth model

Our operations are financed by clients, and cash flow will be present from the first customer. By building an audience and raise the interest of the ocean floors we will open up to more and more applications and potential customers.

4) Waterbike

Develop and operate a business ecosystem of local entrepreneurs delivering clean water to households in survival and out-of-poverty markets.

What problem are we solving?

When water sources are distant, fetching water is a time-consuming activity, and is often performed by women and children. According to the UN, nearly 1 billion people in the developing world walk on average 6 kilometers to get water to drink. Collecting and carrying water takes time and is a heavy burden severely affecting their health.

When people spend their time walking, instead of working or going to school, they stay poor. Most aid programs focus on making new sources of water closer to the communities. But in scattered settlements, the need of transport will never be eliminated. Some entrepreneurs who can afford bikes have business to deliver water, but lack organization and bikes built for the purpose.

Our breakthrough

  • Water bike system built for efficient delivery of clean water at a price people can afford
  • Platform helping transporters handle customers, pricing and payment
  • Low investments and training removes barriers and enables local entrepreneurs to earn an income

Business and growth model

Getting water of lower quality doesn’t mean paying less for it. Consumers in many countries spend a high percentage of their income on water, and people living in the slums of Jakarta, Manila and Nairobi pay more for water than consumers in London or New York.

Transporters earn based on their work, and they’re therefore premiered for enlisting new customers. We handle the payments, and retain a percentage of the income, for bike handling, support services and ensuring growth.

5) Fresh Homes

Develop a closed-loop sustainable value-chain where local entrepreneurs turn human waste into fertilizer and energy in city slums.

What problem are we solving?

2.6 billion people worldwide do not use toilets, but defecate in the open, causing pollution of local water wells, springs and rivers. Every 20 second, a child dies as a result of poor sanitation. 80 per cent of diseases in developing countries are caused by inadequate sanitation facilities, and women risk being violated while visiting public toilets after dark.

Often going to the toilet means doing your business in the street or by using plastic bags (known as flying toilets). Biodegradable bags have been introduced, but without a plan for disposal they only partially remove the problem. Without a viable value-chain they rely on aid and will never scale and reach as many people as possible.

Our breakthrough

  • Sustainable value chain where waste is turned into a resource
  • Household members can do their business in the safety of their homes
  • Local entrepreneurs gain work by collecting and transporting the human waste

Business and growth model

We operate franchises that sell fertilizer and bi-products based on processed human waste. The scalable value chain driven by local entrepreneurs ensures growth.

6) Water freedom

Develop sustainable solutions to secure water access and management in a co-funding, co-development and co-ownership partnership between south villages and north engineers.

What problem are we solving?

Lack of clean water is a huge problem, and the United Nations reports that over a billion of the world’s population struggle to gain access to safe drinking water every day. Polluted water sources are one of the major reasons for diseases. In developing countries, about 80% of illnesses are linked to poor water and sanitation conditions.

There are many aid programs aiming to secure new water sources. Unfortunately they can be unreliable and dependent on external factors. Aid also always has a timeline, and some years after the programs finish the sources might break down due to lack of maintenance.

Our breakthrough

  • A program tailored to solve the water challenges of a single village, with help from external players
  • Program in cooperation with local communities to ensure the best and most sustainable solution
  • Financed and owned by the people involved

Business and growth model

The value of clean water is not to be underestimated, and spending a high amount of the income on water is not seldom in many countries. Water freedom lets people with a stake create value trough a structured process. We take a small fee to cover our organizational costs; the value lies in our share of the created water companies.

7) Bigger Life

Help consumers make better informed footprint decisions by showcasing personal benefit and planet impact.

What problem are we solving?

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of today, and the Norwegian government want to reduce the emissions by 40% within 2030, in line with EU agreements. This does not include carbon credits, and the reductions therefore have to happen in Norway.

Many consumers want to reduce their emissions and lower their footprint in line with the government. However, most of the solutions we are introduced with today implies making sacrifices. Travel less, eat less meat, turn down the heat, generally living a lesser life. What if we could make a change and benefit from it at the same time?

Our breakthrough

  • Help consumers make wiser decisions
  • Showcase where consumers can save time and money and simultaneously reduce their emissions
  • Fun and informative service with a social element for competition and sharing

Business and growth model

The unique information given in the service, and the competition element will ensure sharing through social networks. We aim to rapidly grow our user base, and position ourselves for external acquisition by larger players.

Use of funds

Semester 3 (Spring 2016)

100 days to build business. StartUps funded and engage Minimal Viable Organization teams on founders salaries and stock options. Pilot operation to develop perfect operations, prove traction and maximize cash-flow.

(1) Employ a management team

The first milestone is to employ the management/development team for each startup project. We have a list of people ready to work full-time (previous Astronauts and Innovators), so first order on the agenda is to select the right people.

(2) Develop a perfect pilot operation

Teams work to develop the perfect pilot operation in select trial market(s). The goal is to create a scalable operational model (meaning when $1 is invested, we get more than $1 in return).

(3) Secure capital expenditure (capex) investments and operational cash-flow

Teams work to secure capital for big investments (capex), and to have enough operational cash-flow to succeed. The need for capex differs from company to company.

(4) Proven startup companies operations

Companies are proven when we have an operation that scales. And where we can confidently say that for each dollar we invest we get more than one in return.

Semester 4 (Fall 2016)

(1) Secure funding for semester 4

Secure funding for the final semester of Moonwalk Tomorrow. 150.000 new shares will be issued. Funding round commences in June 2016.

(2) Semester 4 start

100 days to grow the businesses out of our hands. Market expansion and rapid capacity growth. Traction and expansion prove potential. Structure for exit as management buy-out, trade-sale or other.

(3) Exit

Planned exit for management buy-out, trade sale or acquisition to industrial or financial owners. Right-of-first refusal for existing owners.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is a Moonwalk Angel?

A Moonwalk Angel is an angel investor that funds a portfolio of startup companies created by a moonwalk innovation program. Just like with a normal investment, Moonwalk Angels are entitled to a share of the profits generated by the companies in the portfolio.

Q: What is the minimum investment?

You can invest as little as $100 to become a Moonwalk Angel. We want to make angel investing available for everyone, and adapt it to the crowd economy, so that as many as possible can put their savings to work for them.

Q: What size will my share be?

In each round of investment, 150.000 new shares are issued. These shares are distributed amongst all investors in the round, based on the individual investments relation to the total investment sum. Higher investment means more start-ups and higher value for each share.

Q: Am I guaranteed returns?

No. Just like every other investment instrument, there is risk involved. Make sure you understand the risk before making any sort of investment, either as a Moonwalk Angel or on the stock exchange.

Q: When do I receive profits?

You will receive your profits, if any, when you sell your shares or the company is acquired. You are also entitled to any dividends.

Q: Can I invest in a single startup?

No, you are only able to invest in the portfolio company, not in the startups directly. This is done to reduce risk and maximize potential gains for the Moonwalk Angel investors.

Q: Can I sell my share at any moment to some other Moonwalk investor? Can I sell it to anyone outside Moonwalk? Can I sell it to Moonwalk as an entity?

Yes, you can sell shares to anyone, but the transfer has to be approved by the board of Moonwalk Tomorrow Invest1 AS (the investment company you acquire shares in). Transactions may be subject to tag-along and/or drag-along rights.

Q: Can I buy shares from other investors?

Yes, you can buy shares from anyone, but the transfer has to be approved by the board of Moonwalk Tomorrow Invest1 AS (the investment company you acquire shares in). Transactions may be subject to tag-along and/or drag-along rights.

Q: What is the procedure for buying and selling shares?

You make a deal with the seller or buyer, stating name, company or social security number, number of shares, share price and date.

Q: How should I pay taxes in case of any benefit from Moonwalk?

If you sell shares as a company, the tax matter is a matter of the company. If you sell as an individual, you could be subject to tax. Contact your local tax authority for details.

Q: Will current investors have prior right to buy shares of new issues?

According to The Private Limited Liability Companies Act ("Aksjeloven”) of Norway, existing shareholders have a prior right coming to buy/selling shares.

The team

We are a diverse team, with several different nationalities (Russia, South Africa, Bulgaria, Norway, Finland, Serbia, India, France, Portugal, Iraq, Ukraine, Poland and Germany), educational backgrounds, and work experiences. This variety is a great asset, and has enabled us to see things from several different perspectives.



  • Mariia Blaga
  • Wilfried Pimenta de Miranda
  • Geir Myrold
  • Eivind Steinstoe
  • Vebjørn Loen
  • Darouich Ali
  • Thommy Tellefsen
  • Martin Raknes Holth
  • Vytautas Hermansen
  • Sunniva Bratt Slette
  • Tommy Sørbråten
  • Sven Richard Tønnessen
  • Joâo Costa Ribeiro
  • Stein Korsveien
  • Ingvild Eide
  • Helle Cecilie Aasen

How Moonwalk Tomorrow was created

Norway beyond oil & gas adventures

Norway had the golden ticket. Oil & gas was the main tax source and fueled our world-renowned welfare society. Today; The oil price has plunged. Investments into the oil & gas sector have soared. Thousands have lost their jobs. And the welfare society is at risk.

Crisis or opportunity?

Thousands of highly skilled workers are now available, and can use their unique competence to create the next industries beyond oil & gas. To find our next golden ticket.

We organized the crowd

With our chosen challenge, we organized the crowd to do a 'moonwalk'. A moonwalk is a highly structured yet playfully directed process and tools to turn a big challenge into tomorrow's solutions by the hands, minds and hearts of the many.

The anatomy of a moonwalk

Astronauts ready for take-off, January 31st 2015

Mapping out Norway's unfair advantages

A few of the unfair advantages we found

Prioritizing startup projects at the end of semester 1

Creating value proposition canvases in semester 2

Presenting progress, problems and plans – done in every session

Presenting Moonwalk Tomorrow during Oslo Innovation Week

The world's first crowdfunded, crowdsourced and shared ownership innovation program