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  • Commit NOK 10,000 or more

    Invest kr 10.000 or more and in addition to ownership in the portfolio, you get a pack of Moonwalk stickers.

    19 Angels chose this reward.
  • Commit NOK 50,000 or more

    Limited to 15 people

    The first 15 to invest kr 50.000 will together with their ownership in the portfolio receive a Pawa Yako power platform + Pawa solar charger when series production starts in Q1 2017 (not for sale in Norway).

    14 Angels chose this reward.
  • Commit NOK 250,000 or more

    Limited to 5 people

    The first 5 to invest kr 250.000 will get added value on their ownership in the form of half a day management consulting with Moonwalk Founder & CEO

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Congratulations! Pawa and Mocean One are secured. Next funding target is kr 3 million to secure Majiko. Go, go , go!


NTNU and Moonwalk started the world's first crowdfunded, crowdsourced and crowd ownership innovation program: Moonwalk Tomorrow. In one year, 60 people created 4 StartUps employing 20 people with the help of 200 owners contributing kr 5.8 million. Now is the last chance to become an owner in an open funding round.

Why invest?

• Contribute to startups solving real world issues improving lives of billions
• As an owner you have rights to your share of potential dividends or exits
• Be a part of our angel investor network and be invited to regular events
• Easy investing: become an angel investor over night. Active contributing or passive - you decide
• Don't just watch the news: be part of the change from oil and gas to new industries
• Investing in a portfolio instead of single company reduces risk
• Follow Norway's fastest startup creators closely and get to know our method

We are looking for portfolio funding of kr 1 million per company (total of 4). With more funds, we can deploy more startups. The more you commit, the bigger amount of shares you will get. 2 million is our minimum target. 4 million is our maximum target. We close this funding round when we reach our target of kr 4.0 million.

We accept up to 149 new owners. They will acquire 1/7 of the portfolio ownership (yes: a share in all startups). Qualifying new owners will be offered their relative number of shares for their commitment. Payment for shares is due before 31 January 2017.


Moonwalk Tomorrow StartUps


Power is a future: Pawa designs an off-the-grid power ecosystem turning consumers into power producers and distributors in non-grid consumer markets - as a business, not by aid.

Executive summary Pawa


Subscription access to ocean and sub-ocean data to help the world make business from the oceans saving existing players 90% compared to today's practice.

Executive summary Mocean One


Water is freedom: Off-grid water delivery ecosystem turning locals into promotors, salesmen, water purifiers, container cleaners and delivery personnel.

Executive summary Majiko


Feeding the world from the oceans: Highly scalable sustainable sub-ocean fish farming and subscription delivery of high priced natural habitat species.

Executive summary Marine Garden

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is a Moonwalk Angel?

A Moonwalk Angel is an angel investor that funds a family of startup companies created by a moonwalk innovation program. Just like with a normal investment, Moonwalk Angels are entitled to a share of the profits generated by the companies in the portfolio.

Q: What is the minimum investment?

You can invest as little as NOK 5,000 to become a Moonwalk Angel. We want to make angel investing available for everyone, and adapt it to the crowd economy, so that as many as possible can put their savings to work for them.

Q: What size will my share be?

150.000 new shares are issued. These shares are distributed amongst all investors in the round, based on the individual investments relation to the total investment sum. Higher investment means more start-ups and higher value for each share. Funding round is closed when MNOK 4 million (funding target) is reached.

Q: Am I guaranteed returns?

No. Just like every other investment instrument, there is risk involved. Make sure you understand the risk before making any sort of investment, either as a Moonwalk Angel or on the stock exchange.

Q: When do I receive profits?

You will receive your profits, if any, when you sell your shares or the company is acquired. You are also entitled to any dividends.

Q: Can I invest in a single startup?

No, you are only able to invest in the portfolio company, not in the startups directly. This is done to reduce risk and maximize potential gains for the Moonwalk Angel investors.

Q: Can I sell my share at any moment to some other Moonwalk investor? Can I sell it to anyone outside Moonwalk? Can I sell it to Moonwalk as an entity?

Yes, you can sell shares to anyone, but the transfer has to be approved by the board. Transactions may be subject to tag-along and/or drag-along rights.

Q: Can I buy shares from other investors?

Yes, you can buy shares from anyone, but the transfer has to be approved by the board. Transactions may be subject to tag-along and/or drag-along rights.

Q: What is the procedure for buying and selling shares?

You make a deal with the seller or buyer, stating name, company or social security number, number of shares, share price and date.

Q: How should I pay taxes in case of any benefit from Moonwalk?

If you sell shares as a company, the tax matter is a matter of the company. If you sell as an individual, you could be subject to tax. Contact your local tax authority for details.

Q: Will current investors have prior right to buy shares of new issues?

According to The Private Limited Liability Companies Act ("Aksjeloven”) of Norway, existing shareholders have a prior right to buy shares.