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  • Commit NOK 10,000 or more

    Invest kr 10.000 or more and in addition to ownership in the portfolio, you get a pack of Moonwalk stickers.

    19 Angels chose this reward.
  • Commit NOK 50,000 or more

    Limited to 15 people

    The first 15 to invest kr 50.000 will together with their ownership in the portfolio receive a Pawa Yako power platform + Pawa solar charger when series production starts in Q1 2017 (not for sale in Norway).

    14 Angels chose this reward.
  • Commit NOK 250,000 or more

    Limited to 5 people

    The first 5 to invest kr 250.000 will get added value on their ownership in the form of half a day management consulting with Moonwalk Founder & CEO

    0 Angels chose this reward.