Moonwalk Tomorrow Design Phase

A moonwalk program by Moonwalk & NTNU

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Successfully funded on December 25, 2015
  • Commit NOK 100 or more

    Limited to 50 people

    The 50 first Moonwalk Angel investors will be invited for an exclusive networking party in 2016. Meet Moonwalk Astronauts, Entrepreneurs and other Angel investors.

    50 Angels chose this reward.
  • Commit NOK 1,000 or more

    Limited to 10 people

    Participate in a Moonwalk Innovation System workshop. Learn the art of Moonwalking from the experts, and see how you can use best practice innovation on your company or yourself.

    10 Angels chose this reward.
  • Commit NOK 5,000 or more

    Limited to 5 people

    A team of Moonwalk Innovation System practitioners will come to your company or organization and host a 3-hour workshop tailored for a challenge of your choice.

    5 Angels chose this reward.
  • Moonwalk Entrepreneur Candidate

    Limited to 30 people
    State your interest to work full-time as part of the management team in one of the startups (with founder's salary). Startups due to launch early 2016. You will be contacted for an interview.
    16 user(s) pledged already.

  • Moonwalk & NTNU March 22, 2018

    Great news Moonwalk Tomorrow Shareholders! Pawa is hitting the road in Kenya and rounding up orders. Now, the job is to ramp up production and fund a runway to a profitable business. Head over to Pawa Series A Funding round to se what we are up to and how you can be involved.

  • Moonwalk & NTNU June 17, 2016

    New funding round open

    You believed in Moonwalk Tomorrow half a year ago and became owners. Now, the companies have delivered, the risk is greatly reduced and the potential upside is larger. Now we have a week to decide how many companies will survive and start full-fledged operations.

    Innovation Norway and the Research Council are on board, but can only help when there is private capital to match. Join here

  • Moonwalk & NTNU January 9, 2016

    Important message: Payment for shares

    A term sheet and payment information to receive your shares has been sent to your registered e-mail address (from: Administrator). If you have not received this e-mail, please check your spam-filter.

    Also please note that when you fill out the term sheet, you enter the amount (in NOK or USD) that you would like to buy shares for. The amount you committed is a minimum, but you can always increase it if you would like.

    Best regards,

  • Moonwalk & NTNU December 25, 2015

    We have closed open funding round. We have 6 StartUps secured.

    I am grateful to the people who are not satisfied with the status quo. Who quite contrary put their money where their mouth is. Who take action in a time of adversity. To build tomorrow for a Norway beyond oil & gas. We are 100+ people who turn a big challenge into a great future for our country and fellow citizens. Kudos.

  • Moonwalk & NTNU December 22, 2015

    4 startups!
    We have just passed the next milestone; We now have financing to start four startups! Congratulations! We only have two days left – make sure your friends and family do not miss out on this opportunity!

    – The Moonwalk team

  • Moonwalk & NTNU December 22, 2015

    Jan Grønbech on board
    The Country Director of Google Norway, Jan Grønbech, has decided to become a Moonwalk Angel and invest in Moonwalk Tomorrow. We're honored to have Jan on board!

    – The Moonwalk team

  • Moonwalk & NTNU December 21, 2015

    We're at 3 startups!
    We just reached a new milestone; We now have financing to start three startups. Congratulations! Now, with 3 days to go, we have a final shot at getting even more startups off the ground. Share and get your friends onboard!

    – The Moonwalk team

  • Moonwalk & NTNU December 18, 2015

    Media coverage
    So, Universitetsavisa in Trondheim decided to write a story on us, thanks to our Astronaut Kristian Vorkinn. Read the full story on

    – The Moonwalk team

  • Moonwalk & NTNU December 16, 2015

    Two startups ready to launch
    Good news, we have now officially received enough commitments to secure the launch of two startups. And we're well on our way to secure the third.

    Remember; You can still commit more funds – the more startups we launch, the bigger the chance of success. Get your friends and family onboard – they deserve the chance to invest in this venture!

    – The Moonwalk team

  • Moonwalk & NTNU December 10, 2015

    Good news; Adjusted cost per startup
    So, we had the first meeting with potential entrepreneurs (the people who want to work in the 7 startups) yesterday. The good news is that based on the input we got from talking to them one-on-one, we can adjust the projected cost per startup to $75,000 (from $125,000).

    This means we can do more with each dollar invested, and less risk for all of us, as more startups can be launched with less funds!

  • Moonwalk & NTNU December 10, 2015

    We have added some rewards!

    Don't worry if you have already registered as an angel, and not chosen a reward, we will make sure that you will get access to the reward(s) you are entitled to.

  • Moonwalk & NTNU November 27, 2015

    You asked if you could be anonymous when making contributions, now you can! We look forward to seeing your contributions!

  • Moonwalk & NTNU November 26, 2015

    We are open for investments!
    Finally, after almost one year in the making, we are ready to accept outside investments. Join us as a Moonwalk Angel, or apply for a job in one of the startups.