Pawa solves a $6 trillion problem with $100

A moonwalk program by Moonwalk Tomorrow

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  • Jon-Øivind Finbråten September 29, 2017

    No link to read terms

  • Moonwalk Tomorrow September 15, 2017

    As we have become 290 owners, we now review our communications practices. How would you like to be informed on Pawa developments (product, market, funding, team) going forward? Which channels? Which format? How often?

  • Lars Falch September 1, 2017

    When and how will we get information of the operation in the future

  • Moonwalk Tomorrow August 27, 2017

    Kr 350,000 is the minimum investment to get Pawa to next level. With that money, production start is secured. With kr 1 million, team commitment is secured. Beyond kr 1 million, it is all about materials to ramp up production. Total calculated need of capital for roll-out of Pawa is calculated at lkr 5-6 million, or just below $1 million. There are no alternatives to not reaching these targets. Consequence is delay of plans. Your commitment, should we not reach our minimum target, will be returned to you.

  • Carl Erik Kopseng August 26, 2017

    hva skjer om dere ikke når funding-målet om 300'?