Pawa solves a $6 trillion problem with $100

A moonwalk program by Moonwalk Tomorrow

  • Moonwalk Tomorrow March 22, 2018

    Great news Pawa Shareholders! Pawa is hitting the road in Kenya and rounding up orders. Now, the job is to ramp up production and fund a runway to a profitable business. Head over to our Series A Funding round to se what we are up to and how you can be involved.

  • Moonwalk Tomorrow November 7, 2017

    We did it!
    30 new shareholders committed and paid NOK 665,700, averaging NOK 22,190 per shareholder. Shares are no in registration and we will notify all new shareholders once the authorities have approved the Private Placement. Contact if you have questions.

  • Moonwalk Tomorrow September 15, 2017

    Light - Pawa - Action!
    Thank you for supporting Pawa with your commitment to our Pre-Seed funding round. Tomorrow is truly made by you, as Pawa gives 600 million rural Africans power in their hands.

    Funding round successful
    We reached the minimum funding goal of kr 350,000. You already secured your shares. You committed to become an owner in Pawa. And thereby helped us place the order for Series production. This fall we will take Pawa products to Kenya to prove that the market goes crazy for our power.

    Want to get Pawa to the next level?
    Let's secure the team's commitment to Pawa. To develop also the Pawa Radio appliance and get Pawa on a trajectory where we can plan for scale-up production. Then we need more funds. Help us max this funding round (kr 1,050,000). We keep the funding round open to 30 September 2017.