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Pawa Technologies

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600 million people in Africa do not have access to electricity. A power grid will cost USD 6 trillion and take 100 years to implement. People in rural areas spend hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours each year to acquire their daily need for power.

Pawa Technologies has designed, manufactured and introduced a mobile personal solar chargeable power platform that is versatile, modular and tradable. Pawa
gives people individuality and choice to use their power as they want, to use their time more effectively, and to earn an income.

Sub-Saharan Africa is a 600 million people market representing a USD 60 billion turnover. Other continents face the same challenge.
Our initial target consumers are African poor people, mainly women that are unemployed, vendors or clerks. Pawa gives them the option to become power producers and sell excess power.

Pawa has developed the worlds first off-grid personal mobile power ecosystem. This is a first-mover- advantage with no direct competitors. Present off-grid solutions are inferior in performance, versatility, modularity and mobility (on-roof solar panels, power banks, semi-mobile solar charged integrated products).

Pawa Technologies benefits from high tech low-cost world class expertise. Pawa Management Team is a fast-moving, highly nimble and integrated team of young professionals. The parent company 'Moonwalk Tomorrow' provides process, tools, and admin support
and access to an extensive network of owners, suppliers and partners.
Pawa has first-mover-advantage with a hands-on team in each target market, starting with Kenya. Marketing, sales and logistics team from Q4 2016.